Looking to make the most of your garden this summer? There is nothing better than a few games in the sunshine, especially if you have a family to entertain. Not only is this a great way to encourage your kids to get some fresh air, but it’s also perfect for family bonding time. If you’re wondering how you can make your garden more interesting to your kids, there are lots of different activities for the whole family to get involved with. As the warmer weather and lighter evenings spring upon us, it opens you up to plenty of outdoor activity ideas.

Here are some fun and easy activities that you and your kids will love this summer season!


Why not teach your children how to grow their own produce? Not only is this activity educational, but it’s also a fun way to get the family together outside. The best idea is to choose an area of the garden which isn’t used often, so you can let your children plant with their very own patch. By allowing your children to take small ownership of the garden, it will give them more confidence to get involved. From watering, feeding to watching the plants grow from day to day, this science project is definitely one you and your little ones will enjoy. All you’ll need is some soil and seeds of your choice to get started!


Your children will be amazed with how many creepy-crawlies live in your garden. By creating an insect habitat in the garden, it will keep your children amused for hours. The family can watch and identify new insects as they enter the garden. There are so many ways you can build an insect habitat, from old logs, wooden huts to plant pots. Insects will thrive off a home filled with lots of holes and layers to explore in. You’ll need all the natural materials you can get to build the perfect accommodation for your insects and bugs.


There is nothing children find more entertaining than water play in the sunshine! It is a simple but fun way to keep the little ones cool on a hot summer’s day. You can allow your children to experiment with water, from creating water art on brickwork , watering the plants, to playing with water balloons. Why not build your own water feature with the garden hose, while water the lawn at the same time. As long as you have a towel and dry clothes at the ready,  you can let the children enjoy a full day of fun splashing.


When it comes to getting your children outside, they will love the idea of building a tipi den. This will give them a space of their own to play in, but at the same time keep them shaded from the sun. One way to build a garden den is by collecting some snapping branches and big crunchy leaves to layer your hideaway. Give their little space a makeover with an old bed sheet to pin over the top. This creates an area for your children’s imagination to run wild.


No rules say you can’t bring games outdoors. Outdoor twister is a favourite one for all the family to get involved with! It’s the perfect idea for getting your children active and keeping everyone entertained. Why not jazz it up and create your own by spray painting the twister board onto the lawn? So you can make it as small or large as you want!


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