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house window leak

How To Stop Condensation On House Windows

Are your windows looking foggy and misty? This is a process called Condensation. It is one of the most common household problems in the UK and can affect both period homes or new builds. Condensation occurs when excessive warm air and humidity levels rise inside your home. When this meets a colder surface, like your windows, it immediately cools and releases a moisture which changes into liquid water.  The form of condensation is usually the sign of poor window quality and insulation....

Young girl watering plants in garden

Activities to do in your Garden

Looking to make the most of your garden this summer? There is nothing better than a few games in the sunshine, especially if you have a family to entertain. Not only is this a great way to encourage your kids to get some fresh air, but it’s also perfect for family bonding time. If you’re wondering how you can make your garden more interesting to your kids, there are lots of different activities for the whole family to get involved...