Casement Windows

What is a Casement Window?

Casement windows are a type of window that is attached to its frame by a hinge on either side. Unlike sash windows, each casement window can fully open outwards, like an awning. They can come as single windows or as double casement windows with a common frame between them. A handle or crank is then used to operate the windows. Once they are opened outwards, they can be held open with a stay. They are the perfect choice for letting fresh air into your home, especially on a warm day.

Modern Casement Windows

Modern, high-quality casement windows continue to be a popular choice among homeowners in the United Kingdom and continental Europe. While in many places sash windows have grown in popularity as the most common type of window, there are still many advantages to casement windows in the home. For all budgets, Windoworld offers and installs a wide range of double casement windows and wooden casement windows from companies such as Inliten, Residence, and REHAU. We also offer replacement casement windows where needed. Take a look at some of our casement window options below.

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Reasons to Choose Casement Windows for your Property

  • Casement windows can be fully opened, allowing for maximum ventilation and the control of airflow in the home.
  • By fully opening casement windows you will find them much easier to clean compared to other varieties of windows.
  • Because they can seal tightly when closed, casement windows prevent air from leaking in, which makes them a much more energy-efficient choice.
  • There is a large range of materials, colours, and styles available for every casement window so that they can complement any type of property.
  • Low Maintenance, Superb Insulation

    Homeowners that want great, functional windows that look fantastic will certainly be pleased with brand-new casement windows. These windows offer great insulation properties and are amongst the lowest maintenance windows for your home.

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