French Windows

French Windows

Whether for a home patio entrance from the interior, a conservatory, or elsewhere in the home, French windows stand out and make a strong statement in the home. French windows are typically used in conjunction with French doors, whereby the large rectangular windows sitting atop the doors can be opened outwards.

Windoworld supplies and fits French windows from well-known brands such as Inliten, REHAU and Residence.

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What are French Windows?

A French pane window is one that extends from the ceiling to the floor and offers a panoramic view of the outside. They include glass panels in a variety of geometric shapes and are designed to open vertically towards the interior of the room. They also include defining characteristics such as large glass panes of side-hung glass and sashes that allow them to be opened either inward or outward. This type of window is similar to casement windows, although they do not have a central post where the windows meet, which means there is nothing to block the view when the windows are opened.

Benefits of French Windows

  • These windows let in more natural light, making your interior spaces brighter and more inviting, and so creating a healthier environment.
  • They are elegant and timeless and add visual appeal to any room in the house. In addition, there are many styles that can complement your home décor.
  • Because they can open wide, French window products offer better ventilation in your home, which is particularly useful in the summer months.
  • They are a great investment as they increase the value of the home, potentially earning you more money if you decide to sell.
  • French window products are easy to maintain and require minimal cleaning and maintenance. They are very durable and will last for years to come.
  • When opened, these windows create an easy connection between your interior and outdoor spaces, which is great when entertaining guests.
  • These windows are comprised of strong frames and toughened glass, making them a great security feature when combined with locks and other security systems.
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    Classic Style for Modern Homes

    The everlasting appeal and classic style of French windows make them an ideal choice for homeowners in the UK that want to let plenty of natural sunlight in whilst enhancing the visual appeal of your home. Windoworld is your number one choice for high-quality French windows in Essex.

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